Poor Chief

On a recent trip into the woods, Danny and his hunting buddy found this poor little dog…His name is Chief.

The were up Hwy 58 looking for potential elk hunting spots and came across him, his foot was caught in a trap.

But it was Chief’s  lucky day because Danny and his buddy got him out of the trap, gave him a bit of food and drove him back to Eugene where they met up with Chief’s owner.  He had been lost out in the woods for 2 weeks in late December/early January. Brrr…



3 responses to “Poor Chief”

  1. Sonya says :

    Poor puppy! Although I’m really glad that he was not in need of a boarding house that night…

  2. Alyce says :

    That is so sad! I’m glad they were able to return him to his owner!

  3. Laura says :

    Ahhh!!!! So glad that Danny was in the right spot. Yay that Chief was returned home. That made my morning.

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