All the Places I Want to Go…

…by Grace…the scanning didn’t work very well and cut off some of her words so I have typed them above the pictures…

All the Places I Want to Go


I want to go to Disney Land.


I want to go to Enchanted Forest


I want to go to Seatel to see my coisins


I want to go all around the world!


I want to go to Washington.


I want to go to Antartica


…she must get this from her father:)

8 responses to “All the Places I Want to Go…”

  1. Jamie Hart says :

    Clearly the “and Jamie” was cut off when she was talking about wanting to go to Seattle to see her cousins….

  2. Marci Cook Jefferson says :

    Oh Grace, you are just the sweetest little bit. If we are the cousins you want to see in Washington, we would LOVE to have you come up! Your cousins Emilia, Shelby and Josef talk about you and Owen a lot and want to come visit you and your Mommy and Daddy too.

    • ittybittyblog says :

      Marci, that’s funny, she is lucky to have two cousins in Seattle and you guys close by too…She actually meant you guys on the “go to Washington” page because I don’t think she realizes that Seattle is in Washington so those are separate trips:)…Hoping that we get to see you guys in the next few weeks if you make it down here!

  3. Grandma Ruby says :

    Wow Grace,
    It sounds like fun. Who knows where you will get to go
    Love ya
    Grandma Ruby

  4. Laura says :

    Ooh….and visit friends that live near Disneyland too!!!!

  5. Auntie Katy says :

    Yeah GRACE!!! Hold onto those sweet traveling dreams of yours. Darcy is this hanging up in her room so that she never forgets about all the places she wants to go? I wonder what those pictures will look like when she asks herself that question every year? xo

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