Excuse Me.

Owen is very polite. He often says “excuse me” when he burps or toots. It’s pretty cute. We also have strict rules about what words can be said at the table…if one says something they shouldn’t the other quickly says “you said no ‘table talk’…”

Recently while Owen and I were eating lunch the following conversation happened…

Owen: “Excuse me.”
Me: “Bless you, bud.”
Owen: “Oh, I didn’t burp.”
Me: “Oh, ok.”
Owen: “I…oh wait, nevermind.”
Me: “Ok.”
Owen: “I didn’t burp, but I can’t say the other thing that I did because I’m at the table.”
Me: “That’s ok you don’t need to say it.”
Owen: “Do you know what I did even though I can’t say the word of what I did?”
Me: “Yes, you tooted.”
Owen: “How did you know, did you hear me?”
Me: “No, but you would only say ‘excuse me’ if you burped or tooted and if you didn’t burp then you must have tooted.”
Owen: “oh.”

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