Christmas Day 2012

Ahh, Christmas morning…it came very early at our house. The kids woke up initially around 4:00 am. Since Auntie Kaeley was staying at our house, Grace was sleeping on the floor in Owen’s room…One woke up, so did the other. I got up and told them they needed to go back to sleep…

There was sneaking downstairs to check on the status of the stockings…(They were full!!) How could they possibly go back to sleep.

I got up to put the cat out…and dozed until about 7:45

We could put them off no longer…

I got up and made sticky buns

The kids got to open their stockings.

It was discussed later that Mommy and Daddy had been naughty because our stockings were empty…Owen thought it was because I had gone downstairs early (to let the cat out)…until I pointed at that he had too…then he didn’t really have a good reason.

Then it was present time…

Lots of books:)

Then special time building legos with Daddy

and building the solar system

And even thought it was a holiday…still got to do the breathment matreatment…in a Santa hat watching “A Christmas Story”

In the afternoon we headed to my Aunt’s house to have Christmas dinner with my Grandma and my Dad’s side of the family. After that my folks came back to our house to open even more presents!

And we had the sweetest little sleepy-head…Christmas is hard work

Such fun, but exhausting!



One response to “Christmas Day 2012”

  1. Sue McMahan says :

    Love those happy smiles and that sweet sleepy head!
    Love, Grandma Annie

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