Go Ducks #12: The Sweet Smell of Roses

For the first time in 95 years the Oregon Ducks have won the Rose Bowl! What an awesome game! We went just two years ago, and had a less joyous outcome…Ahh, but this time it just smells so sweet!

Here’s my Dad, the original Duck fan in our family:) He is at the yellow “O” on Skinner’s Butte in Eugene…

Owen—with his game face on, those Badgers didn’t stand a chance!

Game day was extra fun with my sis (Auntie Kaeley) in town from NC,
we don’t usually get to enjoy game day together…and a win in post-season has been especially rare…

The kids posing in their new Go Ducks gear they got for Christmas.
When Owen saw Grace this morning he said “Grace you’re all ducked up!”

#5 University of Oregon Ducks – 45
#10 University of Wisconsin Badgers – 38


2 responses to “Go Ducks #12: The Sweet Smell of Roses”

  1. Sue McMahan says :

    GO DUCKS!! Finally did it in style in a REALLY big game!
    Love, Grandma Annie

  2. Laura says :

    Thought of you when we were at the pep rally for the game. I haven’t been surrounded by that many DUCKS in a very long time!

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