Gems from “Up”

I love the movie “Up“. No kiddo movie can have me teary-eyed in the first 15 minutes!

I was watching it with the kids on Friday night and as it quickly goes through the life of Ellie and Mr. Fredricksen, Grace quickly made these comments…

As they are hoping for and then lose their baby…
Grace: “I want a baby so bad! But I just don’t want to get it out because either way seems like it would hurt really bad when you wake up from the medicine!”
Me: “Well, you are only 7, I think you shouldn’t worry about that right now…”

As they are growing old and cleaning house…
“I think that when people get married and grow old they should still always love each other.”

When Ellie dies…
“When the boy that I marries dies I am going to be so sad and lonely. Especially since by then Mommy and Daddy will be gone and the boy that I marry will be gone. That will be so sad.”

One response to “Gems from “Up””

  1. Alyce says :

    We saw it in the theater and Terry was laughing at me because I bawled through that beginning section and then again at the end. Such a sweet movie!

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