stagnant [stag-nuhnt] adjective
1. not flowing or running, as water, air, etc.
2. stale or foul from standing, as a pool of water.
3. characterized by lack of development, advancement, or progressive movement: a stagnant economy.
4. inactive, sluggish, or dull.

This blog has been a bit stagnant lately. I haven’t had much to say, so I have chosen to be quiet.

Owen and I have been fighting off colds. He has been pretty run down. All last week we had stagnant air advisories. Thick foggy air. The poor little guy couldn’t breathe very well and by Wednesday he was starting to get sick. Thursday/Friday/Saturday we had to add in an extra breathing treatment in the middle of the day. When he gets sick he usually has a wheezy cough for 24-48 hours before it changes and he starts to improve. This time he had it for about 3 days. We had to hold him upright so he could fall asleep at night otherwise he would cough so hard he would start gagging.

Today he is much better, although you can still see in his eyes that he is run down.

Since we have been home from school he has eaten turkey, yogurt, a banana, a fruit leather a big tootsie roll and now he is drinking a glass of his beloved egg nog mixed with half and half:) Hopefully this is a sign he’s recovering.

The sun is out, there is blue sky and a frigid wind (you know, for this part of Oregon…) so I am praying that we will no longer be stagnant around these parts!


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