I have written before about Owen’s interest in tall girls…Well his interest now includes blondes too…He often stops in the middle of what he is doing to watch a blonde woman on tv.

Owen: (pointing to the tv) “There’s a blonde one. I like blondes.”
Me: “What about Emma*?” (a blonde girl in his class.)
Owen: “No, I don’t really like the blonde ones with glasses.”
Me: “Oh, really!” (I am “blonde” and wear glasses…)
Owen: “Uh, except for the ones with curly hair, those ones with glasses are ok…”
Me: “Nice save buddy…”


*Not her real name…

One response to “Blondes”

  1. rayandclaire says :

    well I guess Lisa is now his favorite, tall blonde no glasses, (and a nurse)
    Way to go Lisa

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