Oh Ducks #2: What Game?

Well, the fourth quarter of the game was amazing! Great plays, the fans were excited, we made lots of points! It was quite exciting!

And, if the Ducks offense had shown up for any of the first half, our hopes would not have been pinned on the back-up kicker who has absolutely no range and shanked it in the last 4 seconds!

I wish we had won, but we just didn’t play well enough, ‘SC brought it last night and we weren’t prepared.

A couple of weeks ago on the way to school, Owen asked me “do the Ducks always win?” It made me realize how drastically different it is for the kiddos as Oregon fans. They only have seen a handful of losses in their little lives. We only saw a handful of wins when we were growing up.

When I started this blog 4 years ago I took pictures of the kids happy and the kids sad on game day so that I would have “options” for my post if the Ducks won or lost. I haven’t taken a sad picture since sometime last year…It is a bit harder now that they are older…that’s why there is a really old one of Owen on today’s post…We have been a bit spoiled! It’s been fun!

This year we might have had the chance to go to the National Championship for the second year in a row, but instead our consolation prize could be the Rose Bowl.

How cool is that?

#4 University of Oregon Ducks – 35
University of Southern California Trojans – 38



3 responses to “Oh Ducks #2: What Game?”

  1. Laura says :

    still VERY hard to be a Duck fan today in SC territory. So sad!!! Sniff…Sniff…Sniff!

  2. Alyce says :

    It was very sad! It seems like whichever team I root for (and watch via TV or in person) seems to lose. I guess I should have rooted against the Ducks yesterday. Meanwhile I didn’t watch the Beaver game and they won – one of the few Beaver games I haven’t seen this season. Go figure! (Yes, and this is all because the world revolves around me.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Raylene says :

    Send Grace and Owen to my house… they will find out how it is living with a losing football team on a weekly basis ๐Ÿ™‚ A good lesson in patience. One day……..

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