Owen’s Staring at Me!!

The kiddos and I are creatures of habit in the morning. If it is a school day we follow the same routine every day…pretty much to the minute.

Owen’s breathing treatment takes 25 minutes so that means we really have to be careful of the time so he can finish it. Each morning he starts eating his oatmeal but I have to stop him and start the breathing treatment because he takes so long to eat (seriously, 20 minutes to eat half a packet of oatmeal?)

And since we are such creatures of habit, they must have the same argument every morning (I have posted about this habit before…)

Today’s conversation:

Grace: “Owen can’t sit there, I’m going to watch tv and I can’t see with him there.”
Me: “We aren’t turning on the tv during breakfast because I want it to get eaten, not ignored.”
Grace: “Owen’s staring at me!”
Me: “Owen, stop staring at your sister.”
Owen: “I’m not, she’s just right there! I’m just looking up.”
Grace: “Owen’s staring at me!”
Me: “Owen, stop staring at your sister or I’ll have to move you. And Grace, you must be staring at him to if you know he is watching you.”
Grace: “I feel it!”
Me: “Owen, do you need to move to the seat beside Grace?”
Owen: whining “NO! I don’t want to sit by Grace because her cereal smells disgusting!”

Apparently Owen has a super sensitive nose. He even complains of the smell of her cereal when the bowl is clean and empty and he just sees it sitting on the counter.

There must be residual smell in the bowl…

3 responses to “Owen’s Staring at Me!!”

  1. Alyce says :

    Hahaha! I can totally relate to this post. Sometimes I think my kids are seriously trying to drive me insane.

  2. rayandclaire says :

    Nice to know they are typical little kids. Reminds me of the Tell him to quit breathing on my side of the van arguments. Ignoring seemed to be the only thing that helped

  3. Sonya says :

    Hysterical! My son takes 20 minutes to eat HALF of his bowl of oatmeal. Which is dry, btw; he tolerates about a teaspoon of water in it. Drives. Me. Insane. 🙂

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