Archive | November 8, 2011

Home Cat Report

Last year one of Grace’s projects at school was a  report about the Pacific Chorus Frog. We have had this box hanging around in the office for a couple of months…

It has all sorts of Froggy facts

including predators…

Recently, Grace decided to make one here at home…but about “home cats” (aka house cats).

“Home cats. I love cats and kittens. Cats are an animal that live at your house with you.”

“Cats are colors of gray Black oreng white and Stripes. they are cuddly they are cute”

“and they are fun to play with. Kittens are baby cats they”

“are cute pets. these are names of cats may cutie funy city lovei fun.”

“Scare hunt or kill- cioti. Bear. tiger. Cooger. Posin Snak. Owen. dady. Shark. Big fish. dogs.”

“Cat food chicen raw meat Bread raw meat chicen Bread”