Grace: Second Grade

We are about 2 months into Grace’s 2nd grade year. She loves school and can’t wait to go every day. She loves her teachers and her classmates.

She is doing well in all areas at school which is nice. She is reading at about a 4th grade level and has been f-lying through books. I am constantly stopping in at the library and picking her up a stack of chapter books.

Every week she gets new spelling words and last week one of them was “orange” and she said “oh good, I don’t feel like I know how to spell that one very well so this will be good.”

She did have a an experience with a boy in the 1st grade who was a bit of a bully. We told her that she needed to tell an adult at school because she didn’t know his name. Well, last week it seemed to escalate so I emailed her teacher and by the end of the day the entire situation was dealt with and she got an apology from the other child on the bus ride home. I am really quite pleased with how the school handled it and with Ms. Grace too. She had to be a bit more assertive than she is comfortable with but she did it and was rewarded by the situation being resolved in a quick and painless manner. She told me “I don’t really like that boy.” We told her that was fine, we don’t have to like everyone, especially when they aren’t nice to us, BUT we still have to be respectful and polite…and she is.

She loves the monkey bars and swinging at recess and has decided that she never wants hot lunch again because it doesn’t seem to be predictable so she keeps getting it on days there isn’t anything she wants, and then she comes home hungry!

Every week she seems to have a new best friend. She is a sweet girl and a good friend. She loves to write and draw and plan things. She is getting better about talking at school rather than being shy.

My goals for her are basic, doing better in math, learning to tell time on a clock with hands, being more talkative in school when it is appropriate, and being able to open the van door when I drop her off.

Grace- Daddy and I are so proud of you. You are such a smart and kind girl. Remember when you used to hate it when we called you smart? “I’m not smart, I’m brilliant!” Boy, did you hate the word smart! But Sweetie, you are! (and you’re brilliant too!)


3 responses to “Grace: Second Grade”

  1. rayandclaire says :

    I love your picture. I also agree you are smart and brilliant. I love hanging out with you, especially when I can ask you if you have read any good books lately Which of course you always have and then you can go on to tell me all about the book and what you like about it. Keep up the good work. I know you will be at least as brilliant in math as your mom and I. Probably as good as your daddy.

  2. Sue McMahan says :

    Ditto what Grandma Ruby said (that’s a new word for you to look up). We are all very proud of how hard you work and how much you enjoy school! Keep up the good work.
    Grandma Annie

  3. Melissa says :

    That is such a beautiful picture of Grace! *LOVE IT*!

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