Halloween 2011

Well, we have another Halloween under our belts! I love our neighborhood. It feels safe and there are so many familiar faces when out and about.

Grace was a fairy and Owen was an army soldier.

They were pumped and couldn’t wait to go.

We almost had this guy show up again…

But when Grandma reminded him that he couldn’t wear his new Duck hat with a monkey head on he changed his mind…Danny practiced his salute with him. He had a bit of trouble with the hat on.

We had our pumpkins out on the porch and a bowl of candy for trick-or-treaters while we were gone.

And when we got home, counting the loot. I just let them eat until they were done. Thought I’d give that a try…we’ll see. But we have just as much candy left at home as they brought home…Yikes:)

Naturally they had a hard time winding down for bed. We (they) will be going early tonight!

They were super polite and remembered their “pleases” and “thank-you’s”

Oh and the neighbor dog Lola, in her bumblebee costume on “doggy downers” so she could handle the excitement:)


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