They’re Awfully Sweet

Owen is 4 years and 7 months old today. We figured this out on our way to pick up Grace at the bus stop. He’s closer to 5 than 4 now and he’s really growing up fast.

Yesterday at school I saw him leaving the bathroom heading back to his class. One of his teachers (who he may have a slight little crush on) was waiting for him to come back. I squatted down and puckered up for a smooch and he walked right by me and smiled and waved. After school, I got the biggest hug, even his feet were hugging me. I asked about the smooches and was told that “smooches at school embarrass me in front of my friends.”


So we set up some ground rules about what are acceptable forms of Mommy affection at school…waves, hugs, and blowing kisses…

Got it…but can you blame me if I try to sneak a smooch in every once in awhile?

Then yesterday afternoon when Grace got home from school she was asking me how many years you go to high school and college.

I explained bachelor’s degrees, medical school, law school, how some are four years and some are additional time.

Then she asked “how many years do you have to go to be a Mommy?” I said you don’t really have to go to school to be a Mommy (I should have said a master’s degree at least).

She looked surprised, so I asked if she thought that you should have to go to school to learn how to be a Mommy and she said yes, it didn’t make sense not to, except “I haven’t gone to Mommy school and I’ve already learned so much about being a Mommy from you!”

Awww…they’re both awfully sweet!


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