Danny Getting Owen

One of Danny’s favorite pastimes is harassing the kiddos after they are in bed sleeping.

Grace freaks out when you ever so slightly disturb her while she is asleep. She doesn’t actually wake up but looks at you with vacant eyes, sometimes will cry or start picking at her covers with her hands. This is from something as minor as turning off her radio or pulling up her covers.

Owen on the other hand sleeps peacefully and will even smile and say he loves you while he is still asleep. Sometimes he gets smooches, sometimes tickled, and sometimes zerberts.

The other night we had the camera upstairs because we wanted to record Grace freaking out so that she could see what she does (at her request)…she didn’t cooperate, so we then wandered into Owen’s room and the following happened:

He loves watching this video and realizing that Daddy sometimes gets him and he doesn’t even know it.


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