Happy 9th Anniversary

Here’s to another 90 years Sweet Boy. I love you.


6 responses to “Happy 9th Anniversary”

  1. kaeley says :

    Happy Anniversary!! Love you guys!

  2. Allison says :

    Happy Anniversary you two! Praying you have a blessed day!
    Love Ya!
    Allison & Mario

  3. Melissa says :

    Awwww! Most gorgeous wedding picture EVER!! You were (and still are) a beautiful bride! Happy Anniversary you two!

  4. rayandclaire says :

    Happy anniversary. I can’t believe it has only been nine years, and still it seems you have always been a part of our family Darcy. Thanks to both of you for all the happiness your family offers the rest of us.
    Mom aka
    Claire aka
    Grandma Ruby

  5. Sue says :

    On the road again….and missed wishing you a Happy Anniversary — so wishing you one now! Hardly seems possible nine years have gone by. See you in a few days.
    Grandma Annie

  6. Laura says :

    I LOVED your wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!

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