More Bounty

This past weekend was spent putting more stuff in our almost full freezer…

I made pear/plum butter which smelled like Fall in a pot. So good on bread (or pizza crust:)

We shredded more zucchini and made this zucchini bread. We ate an entire loaf Sunday afternoon. We tried a healthier version which didn’t work so well so I’ll be working on modifying this recipe…it has potential to be good to eat and not so terrible for us!

I planted Basil seeds back in early August with the hope that they would be ready to make more pesto by the end of September…I was spot on!

I had enough for four batches (about 6 cups) despite a little someone who likes to snitch the leaves and eat them. He also likes to pass them through the fence to the neighbor girl.

This time I froze it in regular and mini-size muffin pans

And here are a couple of pics of the kiddos waiting for Daddy’s amazing blackberry pie from last weekend. It was fantastic, I think one of his best ever!

I plan on making some pear sauce later this week. Grandma and Grandpa Ruby have Asian pear trees hence all the pear stuff rather than apple…Yumm!

Then honestly we’ll have to be about done freezing because if when Danny gets deer or elk this year we will have no where to put it! Although too much food, definitely not complaining!


3 responses to “More Bounty”

  1. Alyce says :

    Oh, your basil puts mine to shame! I’ve been growing it in little planters in my kitchen window and it’s just finally starting to take off. I don’t know how much longer it will grow though before winter – it is inside, so maybe it won’t matter as much. I love basil though!

  2. Sue says :

    We rent freezer space!
    Love, Grandma Annie

  3. Allison says :

    Oh! My mouth is watering with this post! Come stock my freezer would you!

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