Owen’s Coffee Recipe

Last week when we got home from school Owen wanted to “make” something. He got out a tupperware container and started shaking the salt and pepper into it. He then added some water.

He wanted more things to put in the bowl so I got out the flour. We sprinkled some in. He stirred it up. Then we found some Russian tea and mixed it up. Then he added the last bite of his yogurt. I asked him what he had made…”I made you coffee Mommy! Is it really coffee!?!”

I explained that for it to be coffee we would have needed to put coffee in it, so we added a little bit of coffee.

He was so pleased with himself.

And no, we didn’t taste it…



One response to “Owen’s Coffee Recipe”

  1. Sonya says :

    Adorable! How did you avoid tasting it? My kiddo would have insisted…

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