Big Boy Bed-Sort Of

One day this summer the kids were helping me strip beds so we could wash sheets. For the first time, Owen realized that his mattress was a crib mattress, with a baby on it…
“This is for babies, this is disgusting! I’m not a baby, I’m a kiddo!”

It seemed that it might be time to upgrade and get him a bigger bed…

When I was a kid I had this cool bed with two sets of drawers underneath. We sold it to a neighbor for their little boy Eric to use. Well, Eric grew up and went to college and was done with my old bed. His parents called about two years ago to see if we would want it back…Of course we did and it has been in storage waiting for a big boy to be ready for it…

Well, we had a spot for the bed and a big boy to go in it, but we just weren’t quite ready to spring for the mattress and the bedding to go on it…so we put that “disgusting” baby mattress on the new bed and we have a very happy big boy!

Hopefully in another month or two we will get him all set and I’ll post a new pic then…

And in case anyone is curious…I made his name sign and posted about it here, and the other sign I found at Dayspring. It is such a good reminder of God’s faithfulness with our little man and it is nice and masculine so hopefully he will be ok with it on his wall as he gets older…

I need to get something larger to go on the wall by his bed, the walls are definitely a work in progress. Once they are looking better I’ll post more pics…


One response to “Big Boy Bed-Sort Of”

  1. Allison says :

    How great that he is using YOUR old bed! It looks in great condition too! I love captains beds. We got one for Jaidyn and she loves it. I love all the extra storage. Although we had to put a bed rail on it because she still falls out of it 😦
    LOVE the plaque from Dayspring too!

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