Summer Bounty

Saturday we spent the day shucking, blanching, cutting and bagging 100 ears of corn. That corn was so tasty, but it was so hot in this house! Now we have 70+ two cup bags of frozen corn in the freezer.

You can also see on the top shelf the bulging bags of blueberries that we froze a couple of weeks ago. We picked 24 pounds of berries and then froze them in two cup bags. We don’t even wash them. We wait until we are ready to use them and put them in water to thaw and wash them then. Such a yummy treat!

We also have a big ‘ol turkey in there that needs to get eaten! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving! Oops, I’m getting ahead of myself…


5 responses to “Summer Bounty”

  1. Jamie Hart says :

    I wish that was my freezer!

  2. Sonya says :

    Fabulous! I might offer to trade some of our homemade squash soup for some corn… 🙂 We have some blueberries in our freezer too, but since we’re over run with squash, we’ll have lots of it! I love being stocked up for winter!

  3. Sonya says :

    My previous post is rather nonsensical, with a run-on and everything… Eek!

  4. Lynn says :

    Hooray! I love all the summer produce around here. Our freezer is also stuffed with berries and peaches and corn is on the agenda for this week! There is nothing like a big bowl of delicious summer fruit in the middle of winter.

  5. rayandclaire says :

    That brings back memories, kinda glad they are memories, what a lot of work.
    cooking for two is awesome

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