Monday Links for Labor Day

Internet reads I’ve enjoyed lately:

Johann Hari: How to Survive the Age of Distraction In his gorgeous little book The Lost Art of Reading – Why Books Matter in a Distracted Time, the critic David Ulin admits to a strange feeling. All his life, he had taken reading as for granted as eating – but then, a few years ago, he “became aware, in an apartment full of books, that I could no longer find within myself the quiet necessary to read”. He would sit down to do it at night, as he always had, and read a few paragraphs, then find his mind was wandering, imploring him to check his email, or Twitter, or Facebook. “What I’m struggling with,” he writes, “is the encroachment of the buzz, the sense that there’s something out there that merits my attention.”

What I Learned About Mothering from Millionaire MatchmakerWhen joy and peace guide me in my mothering, my heart is set free to enjoy my family.  It takes faith to keep walking in that direction, even when we fall short and feel like we are failing.”

Grateful for Home “My hope is in heaven. And being sure of this makes it all the easier to be content with the myriad earthly homes God has given me… They’re all temporary, even if I live in this new one of ours for the rest of our life.”

Top Ten Ways to Manage Your Family Vacation My favorites are #10 and #6

The Great Evangelical Endangered Species “Listen friends, no matter what age or experience we are in life, we need old people sitting in our pews. We need them. We need to learn from their wisdom. We need to engage their stories and honor the value of their history. Do we have to always agree with them? No. Do we have to let the old rule how we do all things. Of course not. But we must honor them. We must respect them. We must create healthy spaces for them to worship God among us, and not in some separate building as a part of the “non contemporary” service.”

Beverly Cleary at 95: A Talk With the Author Who Created Ramona Quimby
Q: As a former librarian, how do you think libraries can or should respond to the declining resources and shifts in usage today?
A: That’s something I can’t solve, but I don’t think anything will ever replace the pleasure of holding a book and turning its pages.

I’m A Big Fan of Blogs: Jones Design Company
” My best friend says that blogs are like pornography for women… It all looks so good and attractive, is inspiring and encouraging {even addicting}, but you often walk away feeling inadequate, let down and unsatisfied with your true reality.”


Looking Back at Life’s Decisions, Large and Small
“God can teach you what you need to know either here or there,” she said, a shocking idea to someone who was sure God had one and only one specific Perfect Will for you, and you’d better hit that Will dead center, or else.

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