Little Man Asthma Update

We have been struggling with Owen’s asthma since he started school last September.

Well, this summer we seem to have finally gotten it under control. He has been using his nebulizer machine since early June and slowly weaning down on his dosage. He has been cough/wheeze free since just after Father’s Day in June. This is the longest he has gone without being sick since last September.

Seriously, it’s not even been 2 months and this is the longest stretch. But we’ll take it.

He had a check-up today with his asthma doctor and she said his right lung (his bad one) sounded normal. NORMAL! I think we have only heard that once in his lifetime and it was when he was around a year old!

So since things are going so well and we are only about 3 weeks from the start of school we are going to continue with our low dose on his nebulizer since it seems to be working so much better than his inhalers. He seems to get more of the medicine and breathe it in better. Hopefully this will help keep his lungs strong with no inflammation so he can better fight of colds and infections when he is exposed to them.

Owen is a go-getter and he has finally been able to run around and play like a normal little man. We are hoping this will continue!

Our happy Little Man, we are so proud of you!

2 responses to “Little Man Asthma Update”

  1. kaeley says :

    Yeah Owie!! That is great news! I hope the nebulizer keeps doing it’s job!
    love you!

  2. Sue says :

    Way to go, Buddy Boy!
    Grandma Annie (see you soon; I’ve missed you guys!)

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