Enjoying Hot Cocoa

I have ruined hot cocoa for my kids…

Instead of cocoa I give them Carnation Instant Breakfast in whole milk. My kids are little and they need to pack on the pounds. They don’t need plain old sugar-filled cocoa…

The result of this is when we are out and they want cocoa they are usually disappointed because “it’s different”. And they can’t get past that fact even if the cocoa is really good.

The whipped cream is usually a good start and at a recent breakfast out, both kiddos actually drank their cocoa after they inhaled the whipped cream…


One response to “Enjoying Hot Cocoa”

  1. Alyce says :

    Your kids are so cute! Isn’t it wonderful when kids actually prefer what mom makes?

    I’ve made homemade instant cocoa for my boys for years, and now one of them doesn’t like Dutch Bros cocoa because it’s too rich and chocolatey. 🙂

    If you ever want to try a hot chocolate that’s like eating a candy bar, the lodge up at Mount Hood has this incredible candy concoction. We ordered it with breakfast a couple of years ago without knowing what it was like and Nathan thought he’d hit the hot cocoa lottery.

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