Our Nightly Routine

We have had a new nightly routine with Mr. Owen since sometime in early June. We had been using his nebulizer machine when he was sick and then basically as soon as he recovered I would switch him back to his inhalers. Well, since he has had monthly colds since March, the doctor thought that maybe we weren’t giving him the nebulizer treatment long enough and allowing his lungs the chance to fully heal before stopping the treatment.

The doctor came up with an 8-week long plan to wean him down off of the medicine. Unfortunately, about a week and a half in he got sick again so we had to start over with our plan. In the beginning, the treatments would take him about 25 minutes each time. He started calling them his “breathment matreatments.” After time passed, his frustration grew and he renamed them “breathment ma-nasty-matreatments.” Despite the fact that it is now taking him only about 7 minutes to do these treatments, he is pretty frustrated to have to do them.

I created a calendar so that each day after he has finished his treatments he can mark an “X” and then see how many days he has left…Right now our end day is August 24…He has a check-up the week before that magic day so we will see what the doctor recommends as the next step.

We try to make it as enjoyable as possible for him, which usually means watching Mater Tall Tales or some other show on TV. In the meantime, we have been enjoying how Little Man looks in the evening when he does his treatment. There is much lounging and belly rubbing…

Now, if we could just keep Auntie Kaeley’s i-phone permanently, Owen could play Angry Birds while he waited…

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