Extraction Day #2

Grace had her second set of extractions done last week. She loved it last time so she was quite excited to go.
Unfortunately, this time was not nearly as fun. She refused the Tylenol with Codeine and so wasn’t quite as relaxed.
But it was her lucky day because after she was done she got to go see Auntie Kaeley who had just arrived from North Carolina.
Just like last time, she bounced back quite quickly and did great. I expected her to have a harder time and to be scared, but she did so well…
She did ask me that night why my teeth were so straight and pretty and hers weren’t. I told her that they were pretty, we just had to get them straight and we were working on it and that mine weren’t always straight and pretty, that it took a lot of work (and money, ahem..) to get them this way.

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