Who, Me?

Of course not Mommy…
On a recent, productive weekend day we decided to clean vehicles. As we started to wash Danny’s car I noticed a couple of scratches on it.

It only took a moment to notice some striking similarities…

You may remember when I posted about Owen learning to write his name…He often only gets the “O” and the “W” which is actually written as a “M”

Well, the little bugger decided to write his name on Daddy’s car one day while it was parked in the garage.

It took awhile to get him to admit it, but he finally did, it couldn’t have been anyone else…


2 responses to “Who, Me?”

  1. Melissa says :

    That is FUNNY how clearly you can make out his O and W! When Craig was little, he spraypainted his dad’s truck, and not only did he leave the spray can right next to the truck, but he also got some of the paint on his trigger finger. He tried to deny it, but the evidence was stacked pretty high against him. I’m surprised Mason hasn’t tried to carve his name into anything yet. Actually, he probably has and I just haven’t found it yet!

  2. Laura says :

    I don’t think I ever thought of using a car as a canvas board. Hmmm…I better go check our cars now.

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