Frame Project

I recently had some 11 x 14 poster prints made when there was a sale at I have had them for a couple of months but no frames to put them in.

I didn’t want some cheap poster frame and the cheapest frames at Target were about $20.00, so I decided to try Goodwill.

I found these beauties…

Two of the frames were $9.99 and one was $6.99. I was hoping they would all be around $6.99. O’well,.

I picked up a can of this spray paint.

I wiped down the frames and removed the glass and cleaned it up…This part was a bit of a chore, I didn’t want to remove the staples/nails completely, but some of the glass was really hard to get out because it was wedged in by those staples.

I spray painted out in the garage.

The frames dried in just a couple of hours, but I waited to reassemble until the next day.

For Owen’s room

For Grace’s room

For our room

Now we just need to hang them:)

2 responses to “Frame Project”

  1. Sonya says :

    Brilliant! I’ve got a few things I need frames for and I might just follow your lead.

  2. Raylene says :

    Greta says they are lovely 🙂

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