Extraction Day #1

As part of Grace’s introduction to orthodontia, it was recommended that she have four of her baby teeth removed.

We were supposed to get the first two out on Monday but her ear infection/high fever/vomiting prevented that…

So today was the day. Danny told her last night that we were going to the dentist this morning. She was super excited. I debated about how much I should tell her about what was about to happen. So the conversation went something like this…

Me: “Grace we are going to go to the dentist this morning.”
Grace: “I know, Daddy told me!”
Me: “The appointment is going to be a little different. You aren’t going to get your teeth cleaned. They are going to put a funny little mask on you, kind of like Owen’s and it has special medicine in it.”
Grace: “For my teeth?”
Me: “Yes, then the dentist is going to wiggle your teeth and check to see if any are ready to come out.”
Grace: “Well, I am sure that none are ready yet because I just wiggled them and they aren’t loose.”
Me: “Well…sometimes the dentist can wiggle a bit harder and make you lose a tooth. And did you know that if you lose a tooth at the dentist’s office the Tooth Fairy brings even more money than if you lose it at home?!?”
Grace: “REALLY!?!? I want to do that!! And I’ll give part of the money to Owen and then I can keep part of it!”
Me: “No Sweetie, you get to keep it all, you don’t have to share any of it.”

She did better than I thought. The hardest part was actually getting her to take the Tylenol with Codeine. She is still numb so we’ll see in another hour or two how she’s feeling about all of this.

Before going in…

Waiting and playing games…

After we got home, the new smile…

Just a bigger gap…

And who can complain about eating all the chocolate pudding that you want!


2 responses to “Extraction Day #1”

  1. rayandclaire says :

    wow Grace, good going, enjoy your pudding and I hope the tooth fairy is very good to you
    Love ya
    Grandma Ruby

  2. Sue McMahan says :

    I’m glad your trip to the dentist was fun!
    Grandma Annie

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