Good Grief, Charlie Brown, Continued…

Last Tuesday I posted about our constant sicknesses…Unfortunately, we haven’t improved much.

I took Grace in to the doctor on Friday because she was on day 4 of a fever (102.5) and was up most of the night coughing. There was nothing that needed antibiotics. We decided to go to the coast. On Saturday she spiked a high fever and Owen started his coughing. Luckily, Grandpa Ruby was there to prevent any visits to a coastal ER.

We went home Sunday after they had a chance to play on the beach for awhile.

Monday morning Grace woke up and started vomiting and still had a high fever. We drove down to Eugene to see her pediatrician. She has an ear infection. She’s on antibiotics now. When I got back to my parents, Owen was much worse, wheezing and coughing and also a fever. I turned around and took him in to the pediatrician. He didn’t need antibiotics but he is in his “red” zone and had two rescue treatments during the night last night because he was coughing so hard he was gagging himself.

And me? Well I feel just fantastic with plugged ears, a sore throat and a runny nose.

If we don’t kick this soon, I’m afraid Danny’s going to trade us in for a new, healthy family…

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