Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

I ended my school year sick. When Danny and I came back from our weekend away I was on the mend but Grace had developed a cough. She didn’t miss any school.

Then the next week Owen started with the cough. So I started him on his nebulizer treatments (or as he says “breathment matreatment”). He has now been on his nebulizer for nearly a week and while he isn’t wheezing, he is still having coughing fits. Fortunately he is sleeping at night and not coughing and gagging!

Last night before going to bed Grace had a couple of really good, cruddy coughs.

This morning she woke up coughing like a seal and running a fever. Her last day of school is Thursday and she has to miss today!

Now each of them has their cozy spot and they are watching cartoons…We’ll see how long it takes before we go stir crazy:)

One response to “Good Grief, Charlie Brown!”

  1. rayandclaire says :

    Grace and Owen,
    Hope you both feel better soon, I miss you
    Grandma Ruby

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