The Painted Hills

Last weekend Danny and I went to a part of Central Oregon that I had never been too.

I had expected high desert, very dry, flat, instead it was very mountainous. More green than I expected (I wasn’t expecting any) and very pretty. Lots of curvy roads, some thunder storms, very few people, lots of ranches.

We saw antelope, deer, a bald eagle and a bobcat.

These are the painted hills in Wheeler County. The nearest town was Mitchell with a population of less than 200…

From far away the hills look smooth, close up, however, you see that they are very crackly on their surface. They are rough to the touch but very fragile.



4 responses to “The Painted Hills”

  1. Alyce says :

    Great photos! The painted hills are so beautiful! I was surprised that it wasn’t more like a stereotypical desert too.

  2. Melissa says :

    Looks gorgeous! And very remote. I think I’d go nuts. 😉 So glad you’re staying for the time being.

  3. Raylene says :

    The painted hills are so pretty! glad you are here for selfish reasons:) hey didn’t you read the HOA “heck no you can’t go” clause….

  4. Laura says :

    I have been MIA…sorry!
    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! I’m sure the pictures don’t even show all the beauty! Wow!!!

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