Year-round School

I found this article the other day. It has some interesting points about year-round school and the US’s (in)ability to compete globally….

My favorite quote…

“We used to be a nation of entrepreneurs and trailblazers, but now we’re just dogmatic consumers. We want problems to be fixed but we don’t want the solution to be an inconvenience. So we look for silver bullets, which in our culture usually means tossing more money at things. But guess what? We spend on average about $30,000 more per student than the other Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries, yet the best we can do is middle of the road.”

I added the boldface in the middle of the paragraph. I think those lines in particular sum up so many of the problems in our country. Whether it is in our education system, our government, or even what we have to have to live our daily lives, money always seems to be our first answer.

I certainly don’t know if year-round school is the answer, but I do think 180 days out of 365 doesn’t seem to be cutting it!


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