Best Buddies

Since this has been Owen’s first year of school, it has been his first time to really have friends that he plays with on a regular basis. Well, he has quickly become become best friends with the son of the teacher that I teach with.

Owen and Chet are in their Monday/Wednesday/Friday class together and then they get to play together in our room before and after school everyday. Owen and Chet are two peas in a pod. They love to play with the same things, cars, trucks, bugs, you name it.

The only place where there is any disagreement is when it comes to Ducks and Beavers. Owen is of course a Duck fan. Well, Mr. Chet loves the Beavers (that’s hard even to type…). It has actually been a good lesson for Owen. It is ok to be friends with someone who loves the team that you don’t like. It doesn’t make them a bad person (seriously Sweet Boy, it doesn’t). Whenever he speaks of Chet to anyone who doesn’t know him it is “Chet is my buddy, he likes Beavers.” There is a change in his tone of voice when he says the last part of the sentence. Imagine “Chet is my buddy, he has a bad cold.” or “Chet is my buddy, he eats spiders.” Said with a mix of pity, sorrow, and confusion. It has all become fun and teasing between us all, which is just the way it should be.

The boys on their semi-trucks…

Always goofing around…


One response to “Best Buddies”

  1. Sue McMahan says :

    Looks like they are having a grinnin’ or growlin’ contest! Too cute.
    Love, Grandma Annie

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