‘yote Sighting

I know the above picture isn’t great, actually it’s terrible…but just below the green grass and slightly to the left of the middle is a black thing…

It’s a COYOTE!

Our neighbor spotted it one morning so as we were going to the bus stop we drove around to take a look. This field is behind the houses that are right across the street from our house. This guy was wandering around looking for a snack until we left around 8:40.

I was surprised to see him out so late and he didn’t seem to be bothered by us at all. Although he didn’t get very close to us. He seemed to be about the size of a German Shepherd. After we saw him we stopped back by the house and put May inside…Don’t need a repeat of poor Bob (he was a good boy!).

This was about a three weeks ago and I haven’t seen another one…I think he just hadn’t adjusted to daylight savings time…


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