Breathing Easier

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and comments on my post on Monday.

Owen is doing much better.

On Monday I took him to an Asthma specialist and she hooked us up. I told her all about how Owen had been over the weekend and how he has been in general every time he gets a cold and how he was responding to his inhalers, but they just weren’t enough. She said that he does have asthma. The fact that he responds to the asthma medicines confirms it even though he is too young to do peak flow or pulmonary function tests.

She gave him a nebulizer treatment in the office and it improved the tightness that Owen was feeling in his chest. She wrote out our “Asthma Action Plan” so that we know our target areas and when we need to shift his medications from inhalers to nebulizers for more of impact. And most importantly, what we can do if he has a crisis like he did this weekend that landed us in the ER (where oddly they did nothing for his breathing…but whatever, not bitter).

I feel so much better about his situation and he is responding to these new medications well. And thank God for insurance…We got over $1000 in medication (which is about 30 days worth of one and 8 days of another) for less than $100 in copays. Still expensive, but obviously worth it. And time will tell how much he actually needs with each episode.

So now we are working on getting this kid to eat. He has barely eaten a meal since Friday, he’s just surviving on instant breakfast and jello.

Again, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.


One response to “Breathing Easier”

  1. Laura says :

    Still praying, but so thankful that you got some answers today!!!

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