Fighting with Borders

Borders and I have been in the biggest fight.

I received a Borders gift card from my in-laws for Christmas. Danny encouraged me to use my gift card soon after the company filed for bankruptcy.

Nearly a month ago I started looking for just the right books to order. I had my shopping cart ready. I entered my name and started to enter my address. Every time I entered my city, the “continue” button would disappear. I could go no further.

So I thought I would check my Borders Rewards information to make sure I would get my free shipping.

Then it asked me to login. I was certain of my username and password, but it kept saying it was incorrect. So I clicked the link “Forgot Username”. The message said I would have an email within 1 hour with my username, if I didn’t I was to contact Customer Care.

I waited. Nothing.

I did it again. Nothing.

I emailed Customer Care. I really didn’t want to call.

I tried “Forgot Username” multiple times. Nothing.

I called Customer Care. I talked with someone that I swear was from this show. We weren’t on the same page. She clearly didn’t understand that my “continue” button was disappearing.

She did promise to send me a temporary password that would come “in 48 hours”, “oh, no, I mean 3-5 minutes.”

It. Did. Not. Come.

I had given up on I was going to just go to the store this Friday when I was down in Eugene. I just hoped that I would find the same prices as I had online.

Today I was checking the emails in my “Junk Box” and for the first time. Ever. I saw this phrase “Can’t find an email? Check to make sure that the sender address hasn’t been blocked.”

Oh. No. I. Didn’t?!?!?

Yep, apparently, I blocked all emails from I removed them from my blocked email address list.

I hit the link for “Forgot Password” on their webpage.

And in approximately 3-5 minutes I received an email with the requested information.

I proceeded to order my books. In case you were wondering I got this book and this book.

It’s ok Borders. I’m not mad. I just hate it when we fight.

I’d be happy with another gift card though…


4 responses to “Fighting with Borders”

  1. Jen Miller says :

    Sorry you had the biggest fight ever with Borders, but it sure was funny to read about! Glad you got your books, though. By the way, I headed straight on over to (the other bookstore) online and bought the PW book for my Nook. Thank you!

    • ittybittyblog says :

      You are going to LOVE the PW book! I have read part of it on her blog and I couldn’t stop. I can’t wait to read the whole thing:)

  2. Alyce says :

    That is so funny! I did something similar with a Borders gift card after Christmas. Their system is definitely NOT user friendly when it comes to online orders. What a pain! In my case I couldn’t remember my password and ended up locking the account. So I called Borders, waited on hold for a half hour, was transferred to several people, and finally got some help from someone who said I’ll send you an email. At that point I thought I wasn’t able to receive email from them (because I hadn’t received one when I tried to request a new password online). So they gave me a new password over the phone and when I tried to use it online it still wouldn’t work. At that point I remembered, “Oh yeah, I used this other user name for my Borders account.” Oops!

  3. Kaeley says :

    I’m glad you and Borders aren’t fighting anymore! They need all the friends they can get right now!
    Love you!

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