Dr. Bliss

I have been doing a bit of “housecleaning” of links on the blog. One update that I thought I should note further is that I have removed the link under “CDH Resources” for Dr. Bliss, Owen’s surgeon at Legacy in Portland.

As of the first of the year, Dr. Bliss is no longer at Legacy in Portland. He moved to California, I believe the Oakland/San Francisco area but I am not positive. I would still recommend him with every ounce of my being and if you are dealing with a CDH diagnosis and are in that area of California, go to him!

As another CDH mom told me…I am now going to believe that this is God’s way of telling me that Owen doesn’t need Dr. Bliss anymore so it’s ok to let go.

There are other doctors in the same practice (Pediatric Surgical Associates) that I have heard good things about, I just don’t have any first hand experience to pass along.



One response to “Dr. Bliss”

  1. finleyanabelle says :

    He is now at LA Children’s Hospital and Cedar-Sinai…. I think we are both done with him now. 🙂

    Want to do the March of Dimes walk for babies with us? Next year my goal is to organize a CDH 5k Walk/Run to raise awareness and $$ for DHREAMS research…

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