Spelling List

Grace came home from school last week with three lists of 100 words. The lists contain the most common words encountered by young readers. We are supposed to practice  five words a week until she masters them.

Tonight we started. The first word was “the”.  She wrote it down and then I asked her to spell it “T-H-E.” Great, no problem.

The second word was “of”.
Grace: “O-V-E.”
Me: “Uh, let me  use it in a sentence…’I want a bucket of chocolate’.”
Grace: “U-V-E?”
Me: “How about ‘a group of fairies’?”
Grace: “Ugh…Just tell me, I don’t know!”
Me: “O-F.”

Grace: jaw drops, then starts laughing. “Oh, of! That’s funny! I know that one!”
Me: “Well that is a relief!”



2 responses to “Spelling List”

  1. Kaeley says :

    She is going to have so much fun with “pen” and “pin”!
    Love you! 🙂

  2. Raylene says :

    so cute! miss you guys! I am among the living again but a little weak. Hope to see you next week at least at the bus stop! Your sweet cat is outside looking at me (front window) she is probably wondering what has happened to us and our loud little white haired boy:)

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