You’re Killin’ Me Kid, Part 2

On June 9, 2008 I posted part one, where I spoke of Owens attempts at sending me to an early grave with his monkey antics…

Well, here we go again…This little turkey has really freaked me out lately…

Two weeks ago I was cutting up apples for his school snack day. He was standing next to me on a chair eating an orange. Suddenly, he started choking. I hit his back, nothing. I grabbed him, threw him over my knee and WHACKED his little back. The orange came out and this little voice says “uugh, it came out Mommy.” Glad to know I could react under pressure, especially after stepping aside in December when Danny performed the Heimlich on Grace when she choked on some candy.

Then today, after getting muddy at the bus stop, Owen went upstairs to get clean pants. Suddenly, I heard a massive crash. I ran upstairs and saw him standing in the middle of his room and this was behind him…

The green chair had been in front of his dresser in case he needed to get something out of a high drawer. He moved the chair out of the way, pulled out the bottom drawer and started to climb up his dresser to get to the tractor that was sitting on top. We aren’t sure how far he climbed but he then pulled the top drawer as a handle (I think) and the whole thing tipped over. And the little monkey jumped off as it was falling.

He was scared, teary and shaky, but so was I…He thought he was pretty cool for getting out of the way.

Yeah, real cool there Mister.

When Danny came home he attached one of those anti-tip straps to the back of the dresser…I hate to mention we have had them for about 3 years…Owen was his big helper and came downstairs to get something for Daddy…

Owen: “Mommy, Daddy needs screwlips.”
Me: “Sweetie, what do you really need?”
Danny: “A phillips head screwdriver…”

Grrr, how can you be mad at the little guy?!?!

I’m just tired of all these scary accidents…can’t we snuggle and read books in our jammies and drink cocoa?

You’re killin’ me kid!

You’re killin’ me kid!

You’re killin’ me kid!

You’re killin’ me kid!

But I still love you!


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