I Love My Ducks

So any of you who have read my blog for more than one season know that the games we win get “Go Ducks” posts and the games we don’t win get an “Oh Ducks” post.

Well, that’s not happening this time. This season has been amazing, and while of course I am disappointed that we didn’t win the National Title, it’s not really an “Oh Ducks” to me (despite my sudden onset of grumpiness that started last night around 9:30). We played in the National Championship. Every Duck fan for decades has hoped for that and only recently have we realized it was possible.

I’m proud of our team. They fought hard, they played hard, they are a good group of coaches and a great group of players.

I am excited that most of them are coming back next year and that maybe our QB will have some Heisman hype surrounding him. And who knows what bowl game we might play in next year?

And, I’m excited that we have two third generation Duck fans who think that the green and yellow rock and that Ducks only get ranked #1 or #2. Ever so different from the Ducks of my childhood.


3 responses to “I Love My Ducks”

  1. Kaeley says :

    They are looking all ducked out! It wasn’t the ideal end to the season, but 12 wins out of 13 isn’t bad! Here’s to more “Go Ducks” posts next season!
    Love you!
    Go Ducks!!

  2. Allison says :

    I agree Darcy! Yes, it was a loss…but what a GREAT season! And what a great match up for the National Champ. Game! Our Ducks did well and we are proud to be DUCKs Fans!!!

  3. Sue McMahan says :

    I love my Ducks, too; especially those two little ones!
    Grandma Annie

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