Is this a Animal?

Owen is at the stage of wondering where his food comes from. Several times a day (like anytime he is eating or we are at the store) he asks me “is this a animal?”

“No Bud, that’s a carrot, carrots are vegetables, they grow in the ground.”
“No, that’s peanut butter, peanuts are a nut that grow from a plant.”
“Yes, that’s chicken, chickens are birds and that is an animal.”

Owen: “Did we kill this animal?”
Me: “No, someone else killed it so that we could eat it.”

“Is this animal elk or deer or chicken?”
“Are gooses animals? Do we eat gooses?”
“Is bread a animal?”
“Milk comes from cows, is it a animal?”
“Dogs and cats are animals. Do we eat them? Do some people?”


Today we stopped at the store to get some ham to go in soup. As we walked through the meat section the questions continued.

“Is that a animal?”
“Is it dead?”
“Do we eat crabs when they are alive?”

He wanted to know what animal ham was. I told him that ham comes from a pig.

When we got up to the counter to pay he put the ham on the belt and says to the checker “this pig is killed!”

One response to “Is this a Animal?”

  1. Jen says :

    Thanks for the sweet laugh this morning!! I love toddler conversations!

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