Little Stinker

The other day Owen and I were upstairs cleaning. A friend called and so I was chatting on the phone. Owen went downstairs and after a little while I realized that it was quiet…

Too quiet…

So I got off the phone and hollered down the stairs…
Me: “Owen, what are you doing?”
Owen: “Just snitching brownies!”

Now we had already had lunch, but Owen flat refused to eat any of it. So he already knew there would be no special treats.

I walked downstairs and this is what I found…

“I sorry Mommy, you can trust me, it’s ok.”

The brownies, which had been tightly wrapped in foil.

and the finger prints…

But can you blame him? How often have you wanted to just reach in the brownie pan and grab handfuls and shove it in your mouth?


One response to “Little Stinker”

  1. Sue McMahan says :

    Grandma Annie’s genes are showing through — now, all he has to do is learn to be a little more “sneaky” about making it look like no one has been into the chocolate (I have tips!).
    Grandma Annie

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