Special Privileges

Daisy is not allowed on our carpet. We have an area rug downstairs and one room downstairs has carpet. The rest of our carpet is upstairs. So…Daisy is not allowed to go upstairs…

But May is…

Daisy spends a lot of her time at the bottom of the stairs.

Looking up.

Watching for May.

Watching for her kiddos.

Well, Danny took pity on her one evening and let her go upstairs. She immediately ran upstairs, into Owen’s and jumped on his bed.

She looked guilty even though we told her it was alright.

Then Grace came in and gave her loves.

Then she ran into Grace’s room and did the same thing.

Later in the week, Danny was out of town. May came in and slept on our bed.

Early in the morning I heard a noise, I looked up and Daisy was poking her head through our door. I told her to go downstairs, immediately, her ears went down in shame. But apparently she didn’t go far.

A few minutes later while I was in the shower, Grace came in and told me Daisy was upstairs and wouldn’t go back down.

When I came out she was laying at the top of the stairs with her ears back. I had to tell her several times before she started to slink down the stairs.

She then stopped at the landing and laid down. She wouldn’t look at me. I raised my voice and she went the rest of the way down. Laid down on the floor and wouldn’t even look up at me.

Poor, pitiful dog!


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