The Tall Ones

Owen likes commercials with “fancy” ladies all dressed up in dresses and high-heels…He also has a fascination with tall people, how tall he is getting, how high he can reach or how high tall people can reach…His two interests have started to become intertwined.

Me (at dinner to Danny): “Owen likes girls.”
Owen: “Yeah, tall ones.”
Danny: “Oh really, why is that Owen?”
Owen: “Why not?”
Me: “Are there tall girls in your class?”
Owen: “No.”
Me: “Oh, do you mean tall like Ms. Krissy?”
Owen: “No, I mean tall like C-s mom, she’s tall!” (the teacher I work with)


At the store we walked past a Sex in the City 2 sign….I didn’t even see it but after we walked by it…
Owen: “I like those girls!”
Me: (looking) “Which girls, Bud?”
Owen: “I like those girls! Are they tall?”


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