Happy Halloween!

We celebrated our first Halloween in our “new” neighborhood and we had a lot of fun!

Danny couldn’t go trick-or-treating with us, so Grandma Annie came and spent the night and walked around with us which was a lot of fun!

Surprisingly, Grace was a princess…

and Mr. Owen was a monkey…

Our next-door neighbors made donuts for all the neighborhood kiddos (and grown-ups) that wanted them. So yummy!

Boo! This is about as scary as Grace gets…

and another neighbor’s pumpkin…too cute!


2 responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Alyce says :

    The kids are adorable, as usual!

  2. Auntie Katy says :

    Does Grace know about Princess Grace? O looks so warm in that monkey suit. Wish you all could have come to my place. No one has trick or treated here for years obviously as I sat in the living room window with a bowl of candy and watched all the neighborhood kids hit up the Dairy Mart 😛 Next year the paper lanterns are coming out! Oh when I asked a “princess” which one she was, she said Ariel! Must have been the human form one cause she had no mermaid tail.

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