Random Updates

I have gotten out of my regular posting routine for the last couple of days so I thought I would do a quick and random update today…which will actually be Wednesday when it goes up:)

-Owen has been sick for the last week…this is his third cold since starting school the second week in September. He has used up 130 puffs on his inhaler as it always goes straight to his little lungs.

-I too have been sick. For me it is the second time in about 3 weeks. But, I seem to be improving, it is just the coughing during the night that gets to me. One night I switched beds with Grace so I wouldn’t bother Danny and last night I came down and slept on the couch. Good thing I am only 4’10 (and 3/4) and can sort of fit on the love seat.

-I had a dental appointment today for fillings and my face is finally losing its numbness. It took three shots on the top before I couldn’t feel the drill so the numbness is lasting a long-time.

-The other three year-old class at Owen’s school needed an assistant. I interviewed and got the job and started about 3 weeks ago (hence the colds). The class meets at the same time as Owen’s which works perfectly. This was a real answer to prayer for some “extra” money and I am very happy with the teachers that I work with and the kiddos in the class. I did enjoy my hours of kid-free time, but being able to contribute financially feels better.

-Grace is still loving school and has been reading up a storm. She asked the librarian where the chapter books were because she was ready and brought home some Barbie princess book. I bit my tongue and she read all 90-ish pages in a day and actually seemed to be comprehending it too. Now we just need to find something better than Barbie…that shouldn’t be hard.


One response to “Random Updates”

  1. Amber says :

    Sorry to hear you have been sick.
    Congrats on the job.

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