Grace’s To-Do List

I recently found this list in Grace’s back-pack, it appears to be her to-do list for the day.

At Grace’s school, the students are encouraged to get their ideas out and on paper, whether they can spell or not. They don’t want the children to only write what they can spell because at this stage it is so limiting…

1 golfid TreThrs
2 go Hacig
3 Snek up on PePL

1 Go find treasures
2 Go hiking
3 Sneak up on people

These little papers are my treasures! It is so cute to see her imagination at work and how hard she is working to learn to read and write. It is a little puzzle, and I feel like I get to use some of that linguistics training to decipher what she is trying to say…

Oh and she didn’t get to go hiking, but she did find treasures (that she hid) and she did a lot of sneaking up on people.


3 responses to “Grace’s To-Do List”

  1. Amber says :

    So cute! I love her little to do list 🙂

  2. Jen says :

    That is so ridiculously cute!!!

  3. Raylene says :

    She got an “ahhh, so cute” from me. So far I have only found a set of toilet paper roll binoculars, a little boys phone number(arghhh) from class :), and ripped up kleenex..can’t wait for treasures like this.

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