Hunting Season Has Started…

I didn’t grow up in a hunting home…

Danny is a hunter. It has taken awhile for me to get used to it. I don’t really like the meat. But it is ok ground up in foods like spaghetti or chili and I do like the stew cubes in this Pioneer Woman recipe.

What I have a harder time with is how normally the kids speak of it. And of course, the gun.

Grace calls deer “nummy-nums”.

When Owen heard that Danny was going hunting he said “is Daddy going to take his hurter-thing with him?”

I asked what “hurter-thing” and he said “the one in the closet.” We talked about never touching it and Danny keeps it disassembled…

Then, just this afternoon Owen brought me a 3 lb. weight and told me it was a deer head for me to eat. I told him that I would rather have chocolate and he said “Oh, there is chocolate inside it!”

Well, Bud, I actually like my chocolate without deer head in it…


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