8 Long Years

Today is our 8th anniversary. Danny and I were reminiscing over the weekend. He put his hand my arm and said “It has been 8 looong years. 2500 days.”

Well, when you put it like that…

But he’s right…It has been 8 years, and frankly, they have seemed rather long. And the 2500 days, well that’s math and I can’t confirm those details.

Here we were back in high school…this was 1990…We were so young and my husband was wearing tie-dye and an earring…

Maybe the 8 years seems so long because we really have known each other for something crazy like 23 years…yikes

Happy Anniversary Sweet Boy, here’s to at least another 8 looong years:)


7 responses to “8 Long Years”

  1. Jen says :

    Happy 8th Anniversary!!

  2. claire smith says :

    Happy Anniversary. You have both added so much to my life.
    Love Ya

  3. Allison says :

    Happy Anniversary! Love you both!

  4. Kaeley says :

    Happy Anniversary!! You guys are so cute in that picture! Love you and hope you get to do something special to celebrate!

  5. Sue McMahan says :

    Happy anniversary to you guys; keep it up, and you’ll get to 42 (or more)!
    Grandma Annie

  6. Raylene says :

    Happy Happy Anniversary! I love the pic. You guys are still as cute now as you were back then. Hey Tie dye is cool again. If Danny still had that shirt it would be vintage:)

  7. Alyce says :

    Happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing the photo – you guys are so cute!

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