First Day of School-Owen

As stated yesterday, both of those children would go to school today!

I even thought about taking the dog too, but I didn’t. And I’m glad, because frankly, I am a little lonely and she is good company.

The picture taking didn’t go so well…
He really was excited once I dropped him off…

Oh, yesterday Grace was saying “Poor Mommy, Owen and I will be at school tomorrow and Daddy is at work. Poor Mommy will be all by herself!”

Hah! I told her this is the most “alone time” I will have had since she was born and that I thought I could handle it:) Too cute!


3 responses to “First Day of School-Owen”

  1. Sonya says :

    Hooray, they made it! Glad you’re finally getting a few minutes to yourself. I bet you’re really enjoying your coffee today… 🙂

  2. tottallytinymaclin says :

    I bet that was one of the best donuts and cup of coffee you have had in a while!! I hope Owen enjoyed his first day of school! Miss you guys!

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